The kitchen was a little rough. One of the agreements I made with Karen was that if we bought this place that we would completely redo the kitchen into something she could really be proud of. I think we accomplished that.

It started out with cherry cabinets that really were quite nice. The problem was that they were old and extremely dirty. The whole kitchen was filthy, having not been properly cleaned for who knows how long. It was also on the smallish side so Karen needed to try to utilize the available space as best as she could.





There was a fireplace in the kitchen that did not work. It had been used as a novelty storage spot - no real functional value. We decided to use it in another way.

Right below this fireplace is an outside access summer kitchen. A  six foot fireplace complete with baking insert is where the occupants did their cooking so long ago.


All of it got ripped out. Unfortunately, I was so busy with everything going on that I did not get pictures of the empty room or even progress pictures during the rebuilding.




The cabinets are KitchenMaid and the countertops are granite. It took roughly 3 months to finish due to various problems and delays but now that it is done, the difficulties are mostly forgotten.